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Orthopaedic Wire
Orthopaedic Wire Kit
Wires with Eyelet
The free end of the wire is threaded through the eye.The cerclage is tightened using the special tightener. Requires 001262 Wire Tightener or for Wire Twisting Instruments.
 CWWE22 CWWE20 CWWE18 001262 200010.00
Orthopaedic Wire with Eyelet 22g x 12” (6 pack) Orthopaedic Wire with Eyelet 20g x 12” (6 pack) Orthopaedic Wire with Eyelet 18g x 12” (6 pack) Wire Loop Tightener for above
Twisterz Wire Twisters
  Cerclage wire can be a very useful means of fragment fixation. Kit containing our most popular cerclage instruments and a roll of wire, discounted over component price.
Kit contains:
• 1 x Wire Twister
• 1 x Set of 3 Single Ended Wire Passers
• 1 x 10m roll of 1.0mm Orthopaedic Wire.
OWKIT Orthopaedic Wire Kit Orthopaedic Wire
Wire Cutters
Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter
• Jaws lock onto wire to enable easy twisting under tension for kink-free cerclage.The wire must be twisted under tension to create an even spiral.
• Improved design, long life shear action cutter will cut 18 gauge (1.2mm) wire twisted double.
• Serrated jaws grip and turn cut ends. Jaws have fenestration for extra grip.
• Not designed to cut ‘A’ + ‘K’ Wires, Pins or fish hooks.
• Available with Tungsten Carbide Jaws for extra grip (not fenestrated).
001260 Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter 165mm Long
001261 Wire Twister/ Shear Cutter - Tungsten Carbide Jaws 165mm Long
     Cerclage Wire is an extremely useful method of fragment fixation. Use
as thick a Wire as seems possible.Twist evenly under tension.The best instrument is our Wire Twister/ Cutter 001260. Minimise wire movement on periosteum.Tension wire banding should be performed where muscular forces must be transferred beyond a fracture or osteotomy, e.g. Tibial crest avulsion or trochanteric osteotomy. 1.0mm Wire is the most useful for mid-sized dogs.All are supplied in 10 metre rolls.
OW0210 0.2 (diameter in mm) OW0310 0.3
OW0410 0.4
OW0510 0.5
OW0610 0.6 OW0710 0.71 OW0810 0.8 OW0910 0.9 OW1010 1.0 OW1012 1.2 OW1015 1.5
For convenience and identification rolls of Orthopaedic Wire can be marked with Padlock Security Tags This also has the added advantage of stopping rolls of wire unraveling in the operating theatre.

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