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Use to spread load or retain wire or sutures. Use with Cortical or Self Tapping Screws. Spikey washers are used to reattach ligaments or secure grafts to the femur in the OTT technique of CrCL repair.
PW15 Plain Washer 1.5mm Screws Stainless
PW20 Plain Washer 2.0mm/1.5mm Screws Stainless
PW20B Plain Washer 2.0mm Screws Broad 6mm Diameter PW24 Plain Washer 2.4mm Screws Stainless
PW24TI Plain Washer 2.4mm Screws Titanium
PW273540 Plain Washer 2.7/ 3.5/4.0mm Screws Stainless 7.0mm Dia PW273540B Plain Washer 2.7/ 3.5/4.0mm Screws Stainless 8.5mm Dia PW45 Plain Washer 4.5mm Screws Stainless
SW15 Spikey Washer 1.5mm Screws Stainless
SW20 Spikey Washer 2.0mm Screws Stainless
SW27 Spikey Washer 2.7mm Screws Stainless
SW3540 Spikey Washer 3.5/4.0mm Screws Stainless
SW45 Spikey Washer 4.5mm Screws Stainless
Titanium Buttons
Cerclage Buttons
The Cerclage Button occupies a screw hole.The slot retains cerclage wire where screw placement is not possible. Reduces plate weakness due to empty screw holes.
CB15 Cerclage Button for use with 1.5mm DCP CB20 Cerclage Button for use with 2.0mm DCP CB24 Cerclage Button for use with 2.4mm DCP CB27 Cerclage Button for use with 2.7mm DCP CB35 Cerclage Button for use with 3.5mm DCP.
Cortical Nuts
Occasionally tapped threads strip and a larger screw is appropriate. Lag screws are particularly vulnerable as only one cortex is available.
A Cortical Nut manufactured from implant grade nylon gives the screw purchase allowing normal tightening.The thread form is designed to grip the screw to minimise ‘backing out’. Available in 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.5mm and 4.5mm cortical thread forms. Supplied as a single sterile pack. The Cortical Nuts are also available in Stainless Steel.
N20 2.0mm Cortical Nut Stainless Steel (non sterile) N24 2.4mm Cortical Nut Stainless Steel (non sterile) N27 2.7mm Cortical Nut Stainless Steel (non sterile) N35 3.5mm Cortical Nut Stainless Steel (non sterile) N45 4.5mm Cortical Nut Stainless Steel (non sterile) CN20-A 2.0mm Cortical Nut (sterile)
CN24-A 2.4mm Cortical Nut (sterile) CN27-A 2.7mm Cortical Nut (sterile) CN35-A 3.5mm Cortical Nut (sterile) CN45-A 4.5mm Cortical Nut (sterile)
ReproBone Granules
ReproBone is also available in a granule formulation which may be
used alone or as an extender of natural cancellous bone graft.The mixture of hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate is formulated as an osteoconductive scaffold which is fully resorbed by the body.The lattice work mimics that of cancellous bone (see photo).Available as granules or blocks of various sizes.
RBG5 5cc Granules 1.0 to 4.0mm RBG10 10cc Granules 1.0 to 4.0mm RB10D10 Rod 10mm Diameter 10mm Long
Other sizes available, please call +44 114 258 8530.
         Titanium is very biocompatible and our range of Titanium Buttons has been loosely modelled on the familiar six sizes of UHMWPE Ormrod button we have been supplying for some time.
Despite being slightly lower profile, these resist higher peak loading than their UHMWPE equivalents.
Their overall diameters have been maintained to try and limit osteolysis and the subsequent subsidence that is occasionally seen with lower footprint buttons.
Their edges have been made as smooth as possible to reduce suture wear.
The titanium buttons will find use for ligament replacement/ joint embrocation procedures, especially around the hip and stifle.
Titanium Button 6mm 2 Holes Titanium Button 6mm 2 Slots Titanium Button 9mm 2 Holes Titanium Button 9mm 2 Slots Titanium Button 11mm 2 Holes Titanium Button 11mm 2 Slots

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