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Meniscus Surgery
Meniscus Surgery Set
Meniscus Surgery Set - Enhanced
001116 Meniscus Surgery Set
The Enhanced Meniscus Surgery Kit contains all the instruments in the standard kit, plus a small Stifle Joint Distractor (001113), a Push knife (AR-17-11X) and a Pull Knife (AR-17-19X).
The small Stifle Joint Distractor is also useful as small local muscle and tissue retractors in and around canine joints e.g. elbow exploration. Extends the use of the kit to smaller patients.
001117 Meniscus Surgery Set - Enhanced
 Management of meniscal injuries has three phases all of which will require special instrumentation.
• Exposure of the meniscus, particularly the caudal horn of the medial meniscus.This will require that the tibia is advanced and distracted relative to the femur.
• Examination of the meniscus for lesions.A visual examination is not enough.The surface of the meniscus should be probed for defects and tears.The circumferential attachments should be checked for security.
• Lesions discovered must be managed by debridement or meniscal release.
 The Meniscus Surgery Set includes all the essential instruments for the examination and management of meniscal injuries in a stainless steel autoclave case. Purchased as a set there are significant savings.
 • Standard Stifle Distractor
• Hohman Retractor 8mm
• Meniscus Probe 1mm
• MicroToothed Halsteads
• Beaver Type Scalpel Handle
• 25 x No 65 Blade (mini no 11)
• Stainless Case
• Silicone Protective Insert
List configuration whilst stocks last. Check with the Vet Tech Team for current content.

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