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Halls (Linvatec) Spinal Bur System
Surgairtome II
Bur Guards
  This is the current replacement for the Minos A200. Similar performance to the Minos but has an air brake, so the bur stops immediately the trigger is released. Not as robust as the Minos as the drive is through gears but preferred by some surgeons e.g. Simon Wheeler.
505800 Surgairtome II Kit. Includes Hose Medium Bur Guard & Motor 5058 Surgairtome Motor
5042-35E Halls UK Hose MA-7
HALLHOSEVI VI Hose – Halls Fitting
Electric Flexidrive Bur System
For the occasional spinal surgeon, this budget system performs very well.The burs run at 0 - 15,000 rpm controlled via a foot pedal and
the flexidrive is easy to use. Now supplied with removable handpiece. (autoclavable with care). Use sterile autoclavable film to shroud the flexible shaft. Supplied as a complete kit including burs and instructions. When you are cutting more than one back per month think about a Minos/ Surgairtome.
001640A Mini Drill (Electric Drive) 15,000 rpm Foredom Full Kit incl Burs D235A Spare Handpiece
D295051/2 Spare Inner Drive Flex
D295051/3 Spare Outer Drive Flex
001641 Collet for HP Burs
001785 1.6mm Round Short Carbide Bur HP8 2.3mm Round Short Carbide Bur M30R 3.0mm Round Short Carbide Bur
Halls Bur Guards
Burs should not be driven without a Bur Guard which supports the shaft of the bur.Without Bur Guards burs vibrate and can bend causing injury to both patient and surgeon.
The shortest guard available is the medium for burs 45-51mm long
Medium Bur Guard for Burs 45-51mm Long Long Bur Guard for Burs 70mm Long
Extra Long Bur Guard for Burs 95mm Long
  Burs and Bur Guards are common to both the Minos and the Surgairtome II. A bur guard should always be used when driving burs. Spinning at 100,000 rpm the shaft needs support.These are the original Halls Guards.
1375-023 1375-011 1375-012
Extra Long Halls Bur Guard Long Halls Bur Guard Medium Halls Bur Guard
Bur Brush
When burs stop cutting mid procedure the reason is usually clogging
of the cutting flutes. High speeds (100,000 rpm) minimise the problem. Dremel type flexdrive units are particularly prone. Our Bur Brush is used to clean the bur without damaging it. It may be more convenient to change the bur and clean them up afterwards.
A315 Bur Brush 201

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