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Ophthalmic Kit
   List configuration whilst stocks last. Check with the Vet Tech Team for current content.
Beaver Type Handle (Swann Morton ‘Fine’ Series)
Castroviejo Needle Holders Straight with Catch
Steven’s Tenotomy Scissors
Colibri Tissue Forceps
Graefe Fixation Forceps 3.5mm
Roberts Tying Forceps
Castroviejo Corneal Scissors Straight
Halstead Mosquito Forceps
 The Kit contains 10 instruments.All are contained in a Stainless Steel Case with a Protective Silicone Lining which minimises damage to the delicate instruments.As recommended by DavidWilliams MAVetMB PhD CertVOphthal
Suitable for the following procedures:-
• Hotz-Celsus Entropion Surgery
• Stades Procedure for Entropion with Trichiasis
• Lid Wedge Resection
• Khunt-Szymanowski Entropion Surgery
• Wyman Lateral Canthoplasty for Diamond Eye
• Lateral Canthoplasty
• Parotid Duct Transposition
• Conjunctival Flaps, Pedicle, Fornix Based
• Nictitating Membrane Flap
• Replacement of Prolapsed Nictitans Gland
• Correction of Scrolled Nictitans Cartilage
• Superficial Lamellar Keratectomy
• Primary Reconstruction of Corneal Penetrating Wound
• Corneoscleral Transposition Flap
Choosing ophthalmic instruments is very difficult, every surgeon seems to have their own preference. Follow the advice of a surgeon you respect.
Basic Ophthalmic Surgery Kit contents:
• 1 x Beaver Type Scalpel Handle
• 1 x Castroviejo Needle Holders - Straight with Catch
• 1 x Steven’s Tenotomy Scissors
• 1 x Colibri Tissue Forecps
• 1 x Graefe Fixation Forceps
• 1 x Roberts Tying Forceps
• 1 x Castroviejo Corneal Scissors - Straight
• 1 x Halstead Mosquito Forceps - Curved
• 1 x Halstead Mosquito Forceps - Straight
• 1 x Baraquer Speculum
• 1 x Stainless Steel Box 200mm x 100mm with Integrated Bacterial Filter
• 1 x Silicone Fingered Insert
014130 Basic Ophthalmic Surgery Kit
Barraquer Wire Eyelid Speculum

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