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Dental Elevators
Elevator or Luxator?
Luxator- thin, sharp blade designed to be pushed into the periodontal ligament space down the long axis of the root. It cuts the periodontal ligament fibres and expands the alveolar plate as it is pushes apically. Should not be twisted or lifted (torqued) during use. Must be kept sharp and sterilised after every use.
Elevator – a stocky strong blade used to extract loose teeth using adjacent sound teeth. Not usually meant to go below the gumline. More useful in humans where crown/root ratio is closer to 50:50 and roots are stronger. In animals root ration is closer to 30:70 and roots taper toward the apex.They will fracture if the peridontal ligament fibres are not loosened or cut before forceps are applied or if the instrument is torqued.
Winged Elevators
Veterinary Elevators designed by Dr Robert Wiggs.
They have short winged blades with lateral edges
which curve upwards further than traditional
elevators, improving conformation to the root
structure as well as instrument control.The narrow
neck enhances visibility of the root and the shorter
shaft improves handling and control, especially if the
operator’s hands are not large.The design incorporates the best parts of an elevator and a luxator.Aluminium knurled handles are very comfortable in use. Flattened surface prevents rolling off the table.Available as a boxed set.
012389 Winged Elevator 1.0mm (Purple) 145mm
012390 Winged Elevator 2.0mm (Gold) 145mm
012391 Winged Elevator 3.0mm (Blue) 145mm
012392 Winged Elevator 4.0mm (Black) 145mm
012393 Winged Elevators Set of 4 (includes free Stainless Steel Case)
012395 Autoclavable Stainless Steel Case for Winged Elevators
Winged Elevators with Short Handles
Our Short Handled Winged Elevators are designed to fit in the hand, particularly small hands.A palmed instrument is more under control as well as being more comfortable.The stainless case is silicone lined to minimise damage to the elevators yet convenient for autoclaving.
012401 Rainbow 1.0mm 125mm
012402 Gold 2.0mm 125mm
012403 Slate 3.0mm 125mm
012404 Black 4.0mm 125mm
012405 Set of 4 in Stainless Steel Case
Comfort Handle Elevators
        Designed and developed by David Strong MRCVS.The Comfort Pattern Elevators takes a radical new look at elevator handles.A range of new designs was tested by both nurses and veterinary surgeons to find the most comfortable design.The most popular pattern fits into the palm of the hand allowing the fore finger to be positioned along the shaft for added control.
Supplied in fully autoclavable coloured coded PTFE in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6mm widths.Available singly or as a Set of 4 (1 - 4mm) or Set of 6 (1 - 6mm). When purchased as a Set the Stainless Steel Autoclave Case comes free.
012601 Comfort Elevator 1.0mm (White)
012602 Comfort Elevator 2.0mm (Green)
012603 Comfort Elevator 3.0mm (Blue)
012604 Comfort Elevator 4.0mm (Black)
012600 Comfort Elevators Set of 4 (includes free Stainless Steel Case)
012605 Comfort Elevator 5.0mm (Grey)
012606 Comfort Elevator 6.0mm (Yellow)
012608 Comfort Elevator Set of 6 (includes free Stainless Steel Case)
  Comfort Handle Winged Elevators
012611 Comfort Winged Elevator 1.0mm (White)
012612 Comfort Winged Elevator 2.0mm (Green)
012613 Comfort Winged Elevator 3.0mm (Blue)
012614 Comfort Winged Elevator 4.0mm (Black)
012610 Comfort Winged Elevators Set of 4
(includes free Stainless Steel Case)
012615 Comfort Winged Elevator 5.0mm (Grey)
012616 Comfort Winged Elevator 6.0mm (Yellow)
012618 Comfort Elevator Set of 6 (includes free Stainless Steel Case)

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