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Couplands Elevators
Forte Luxators
  This is the standard human elevator. Generally considered too thick for veterinary use.
012015 Couplands Chisel No. 1 (3.0mm) 150mm
012016 Couplands Chisel No. 2 (4.0mm) 150mm
012017 Couplands Chisel No. 3 (5.0mm) 150mm
Dental Luxators
Luxators, which are in essence very slim elevators, are favoured by many veterinary dentists for the rupture of the periodontal ligament.They are, in fact, designed for the human tooth but are very good for veterinary use. AVeterinary Set is now available containing the most useful luxators for feline and canine teeth: 1mm straight, 2mm straight, 3mm curved, 3mm straight, 3mm contra angle plus a sharpening tool. Swedish made, these Luxators are very thin and very sharp.
012177 Luxator 1mm Straight 160mm
012190 Luxator 2mm Straight 160mm
012191 Luxator 3mm Straight 160mm
012192 Luxator 3mm Curved 160mm
012194 Luxator 5mm Straight 160mm
012195 Luxator 5mm Curved 160mm
012192/CA Luxator 3mm Contra Angle 160mm 012196VET Veterinary Luxator Set (Set of five c/w Stone) 012146 Luxator Sharpening Stone
Forte Luxators have been specifically designed to withstand the considerable force sometimes needed for controlled and safe tooth elevation.The extra strong cornered lip has been developed to aid grip. The best all round veterinary luxator.Available in 3 sizes.
012174 Forte Luxator 2.5mm Black/ Green 160mm
012175 Forte Luxator 3.2mm Black/ Grey 160mm
012176 Forte Luxator 4mm Black/ Brown 160mm
012172 Forte Luxator Set of 3
Luxator Autoclave Case
Luxator Case

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