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Darvall Heated Smooth-Wall Circuits
Darvall Heated Anaesthetic Starter Set
AAS Heated Controller Unit
AAS8347 12mm Heated Circle System
AAS8348 16mm Heated Circle System
Darvall Anaesthesia Starter Sets include the Controller Unit plus 1 of each Heated Circle System - AAS8347 & AAS8348 (tubing and rebreathing bag only).
AAS8531 Starter Kit for Heated Anaesthesia Breathing Circuits AAS DARVALL TEMPERATURE PROBES
AAS8617 AAS Temperature Probes
  Darvall Heated Smooth Wall Circuit heat controller with Temperature display in ˚C
Inspiring cold, dry air can be a cause of heat loss for animals under anaesthesia.The Darvall heated smooth wall breathing circuit solves this longstanding problem in small animal anaesthesia.
Recent research demonstrates that most temperature loss occurs after induction, during the patient’s clip and prep for a procedure.
Darvall heated smooth wall breathing circuits provide warm inspired gas to the patient from the moment of intubation. Darvall’s heated smooth wall tubing (SWT) begins to warm patients from the inside, from their very first breath after induction, reducing loss of body temperature prior to surgery.
Warm animals recover better. Our small diameter, low resistance smooth wall circuits are so efficient they allow you to use a circle system on animals as small as 2kg*.The totally new Darvall heated circuits with thermostatic control warm inspired gas which can minimize heat loss in anaesthesia.
• Warms inspired gas: 38.5˚C-40˚C • Efficient: internal warming
• Immediate: from the first breath
• Prevents heat loss*
• Airway temperature sensor
• Animal temperature monitoring
• Heats without Harm
Provide immediate and effective warmth from the start of anaesthesia.
The Darvall
heated, smooth- wall anaesthetic circuits and heated ZDS Qubes have
a microprocessor with temperature sensor and warm up to 45˚C, resulting in inspired air between 38.5˚C and 40˚C. Optional Separated animal esophageal/
rectal temperature probe provides safe warming with close-loop control.
The smooth inner wall of the Y hose sets makes them easier to clean and decreases circuit resistance.
End connectors are moulded on, for additional security.The inner hose diameter is reduced from the standard 22mm down to 12mm on the small and 16mm on the larger set.This significant reduction in circuit volume improves responses to changes in anaesthetic setting. Suggested flow rate is 30ml/kg/min, 60ml/kg for the first 5 minutes. Minimum flow rate with Tec vapourisers is 300ml.
*Darvall’s Low-Volume Standard Circle Absorber can be used with animals down to 7kg.
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