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AAS Darvall Warm Air System
The benefits of preventing hypothermia both during and after surgery are well documented, both in terms of improved patient care and more efficient use of resources.
Use of warm air blankets to pre-warm patients, heated anaesthetic circuits for all procedures plus blankets under anaesthetised animals during longer procedures, over 60 minutes, followed by post-op cage blanket use will help optimise patient recovery from anaesthesia.
AAS Darvall CozyTM Warm Air Heater
• Pre-Warming prevents heat loss post-induction
• Use Darvall CozyTM Warm Air Heater
• Kennel door connector - KDA
• Warm 2 small cages simultaneously with an optional connector
• One Twist to rapidly move between kennels
• Efficient: Pre-Warm for only 40 mins.
• Push-fit hose nozzle into connector
• Can half the time of recovery warming
• Innovative blanket designs for cages
• Safer warming with conscious animals
• Solving peri-anesthetic hypothermia
• Safe hose-end temperature sensor
• Protective Hose-Cover
• Reliable nozzle-blanket connection
• Hose Clamp secures to surgery table
• CozyTM is Lightweight & Compact
• Kennel Door Hangers built-in
• IV Pole Clamp rear mounted
• Filter 0.2um HEPA; replace/500 hrs.
• Elevated above floor dust & hair
• Mobile & Stable on 4 dual-wheels
The Darvall CozyTM Warm Air Heater is easy and straightforward to use. Running quietly, it produces minimal noise pollution in theatres and recovery areas.
The Darvall CozyTM Starter Kit contains:
• Darvall CozyTM Warm Air Heater Unit
• Wheel Kit - 4 Push Fit Wheels
• Starter Pack of Blankets
• Kennel Door Adaptor Kit
AAS9084 AAS Darvall CozyTMWarm Air Heater Starter Kit
AAS Darvall Warm Air Heater System Accessories
  Darvall’s Twist-Lock Kennel Door Connector: only 2 part, simple & fast to move from door to door
Heater Hose Clamp
Darvall’s Kennel Door Adapter - Cwik
The KDA Kennel Door Adapter (Cwik):
• Connects Darvall Cozy Warm Air Heater to Darvall’s Kennel Blankets
• Fits to most warm air heaters using Cozy KDA Heater Hose Adapter
• New Cosy CwikTM locking system - no nuts or screws
• Twist-Connect system for easy installation
• Allows fast access to patients in kennels
• Rapildy moved between kennel doors
• Fits to most kennel door systems
• Safe warming for patients
The KDA Kennel Door Adapter (Cwik) Kit contains:
• 1 x Cozy Cwik KDA Adapter
• 2 x Cozy Cwik KDA Gaskets (1 spare)
• 1 x Cozy KDA Extension Hose 25cm
• 1 x Cozy KDA Universal Heater Hose Adapter
• 1 x Cozy Blanket x 8 Sample Pack
AAS9742 AAS9704 AAS9707 AAS9702 AAS7882 AAS9842 AAS1959
AAS Darvall Warm Air Heater Hose Clamp (new style) AAS Darvall CozyTM Filter Replacement Kit
AAS Darvall CozyTM Heater Hose Cover (new style)
AAS Darvall CozyTM Heater Hose 1.5m With Temp. Sensor Darvall Kennel Door Connector - T wist-Lock
Darvall KDA Kennel Door Adapter Kit - Cwik
Darvall Two Kennel Y Adaptor (requires 2 x Kennel Door Connectors - not included)

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