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Veterinary Instrumentation Product Range

General Kits

Whether you are a new practice start up, expanding into new clinical specialisms or simply replacing or extending your existing fleet of equipment to meet the demand from your clinical service, Vi have created a wide range of kits designed for general, orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery.

Our kits are priced to ensure your practice saves by consolidating your requirements, rather than buying equipment as individual components.

Ask us about our surgery kits:

  • Vi Basic Surgery Stitch Up Kit
  • Cased Canine Spey Kit
  • Vi General Surgery Kit
  • Thoracic Surgery Kit
  • Left Handed Instrument Starter Kit
  • Feline Spey Kit

The kits can also be found at the start of the appropriate chapters throughout our catalogue.

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If you cannot find what you are looking for or need more information or advice, please contact the Vi team.